Our Products

Welcome to a world of exceptional flavors and culinary possibilities. Our diverse range of products is a tribute to the artistry of food and the joy of indulgence. From carefully sourced ingredients to expert craftsmanship, each product embodies our unwavering commitment to quality and taste. Whether you're an adventurous home cook or a seasoned professional, our collection is designed to inspire your creativity and elevate your dishes to new heights.

Nutrious Flour (Unga wa Lishe )

Experience nourishment in its purest form with Unga Lishe, your pathway to wholesome goodness.

Sun Flower Cooking Oil

Our sunflower oil is carefully extracted from the finest sunflower seeds, ensuring a pure and natural source of cooking goodness.

Mbeya Rice

Mbeya Rice offers a truly authentic dining experience that captures the essence of African cuisine.

Assorted Grains

Welcome to our diverse selection of assorted grains such as Beans, Soya, Sorghum, Millet, Groundnuts, Cowpeas and others

Dona Tamu Flour

Sourced from the finest maize and finely milled to capture the essence of tradition, our Dona Maize Flour brings authenticity and flavor to your table.

Maize Flour (Super Sembe)

Unlock a world of culinary creativity with our premium Maize Flour. Made from the finest handpicked maize kernels.

Cassava Flour (Unga wa Muhogo)

Introducing Cassava Flour, a gluten-free marvel that brings a touch of tropical delight to your culinary creations.